Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fajitas Make Me Smile

Hey, friends!  I have to admit, I had a hard day today.  Work was fine, but I really had a tough time working when I knew Stephen, Michelle and Rosie were having so much fun at the zoo.  I wanted to be with them so bad.  It really made me start thinking about how much I want to be at home with my kiddos.  Man, I'm sooo ready to leave the work force.  I know I'm not quite to that point, but it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?  Actually, I'm starting to think it might hurt to dream, because my days are getting longer and longer and I think it's stemming from all of that wishing I wasn't there:)

When we got home from work, we walked into the sounds and smells of sizzling veggie fajitas!  Man, I could get used to this.  Not only did they make veggie fajitas, but also fresh salsa and guacamole. The whole meal was delicious and very healthy.

 The Chefs! 
 Doesn't it look so good?!
 The fajita veggies 
The best salsa

I was so glad to hear that Monroe had an awesome time at the zoo.  She loved all of the water animals...sea lions, otters, dolphins (sorry Jen).  By the time they left, she was exhausted!  She slept until way after we got home.

When she awoke, she was rearing to go.  We ended up going on a walk to the park where she spent the majority of the time swinging.  She would have stayed all night if she could, but alas we had to go.  Sadly, she took a little tumble on the way home and hit her head.  No blood, but a pretty big goose egg.  Poor little thing!

After the walk, we decided our visitors definitely needed to try our favorite ice cream shop, Oberweis. Oh, it was sooo good.  

Now, we are home, watching the season finale to "The Good Wife", each on our own computer/ipad.  I'm pretty exhausted and I can't wait to crawl into bed.  Pray I make it through this week.  Only 2 more work days!!!

Here are a few pics from the week so far that Stephen took...

No closer to the name.  This morning I thought we had it nailed down, and then someone made a comment that made me throw out the name completely.  Funny how that happens.  We were so close!  Stephen and Michelle are diligently working on the name search as I type.  Let's hope for some good luck:)

In pregnancy news, my new candy of choice is Tums.   This crazy heartburn isn't going away.  After the walk tonight, I've started having pain in my pelvis.  I had it really bad when I was pregnant with Monroe, but this is the first time with this little lady.  I've also had a few Braxton Hicks tonight.  I must have over done it.  I'm going to take it easy tomorrow.  Well, as easy as I can at work.  

Well, I'm going to rest my eyes.  Love you all!    

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