Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here they come again...

The tears, that is.  I hate when family leaves.  We had such a wonderful visit with Stephen and Michelle.  It was so low key and easy.  They are such amazing people.  We love them so much.  Monroe REALLY loves them.  She had a blast with them and I'm so glad that she was able to spend so much time together.  It was very hard dropping them at O'Hare tonight, for all of us.  

I mentioned that they were easy guests, but let me describe just how easy they were.  Not only did they save us lots of money on daycare, take amazing care of Monroe (even bathing her), and prepare us yummy meals, but they also did the laundry!  Can it get any better?  Well, in fact it can.  We came home from work this evening to find this...

Michelle had made bags full of pizza pockets for us to freeze and eat over the next few weeks.  They are even vegan!  I can't get over these people!

We saw something pretty amazing tonight.  We were on our way to the airport and were on a very busy  4 lane road.  All of a sudden we look over and see a mommy goose and her babies starting to cross the road.  We luckily were able to miss them, but there was tons of traffic behind us.  We were scared to death that they wouldn't make it across.  We looked back and every car seemed to have gotten the memo and came to a complete stop.  The little family was able to make it safely across.  How heartwarming!  I wasn't able to get a picture, but I found this one online and I thought we could all just pretend.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that Melissa and Max went on a little trip to Washington State a few days ago.  They went to visit her family there.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself and we were all glad that she was able to spend time with them.  While there, she found the CUTEST gift ever for Monroe.  I just love it and can't wait for Monroe to use it.  She was pretty exhausted tonight and was already in her jammies, but I wanted to take a picture of her in it.  Here it is...

 An adorable little apron!  So cute!  I can't wait to cook with her.

Well, that's my news.  I'm not working tomorrow, so hopefully my posts will get a little more interesting for awhile.  I'm not making any promises, though.  

We are getting closer on the name front, but really it changes from hour to hour.  One moment I think we've got it and then the next, I don't know anymore.  I'd love to get it nailed down by the end of this weekend.  That's probably the only complaint I have for Stephen and Michelle.  They were supposed to get that taken care of while they were here.  I guess there is no such thing as the perfect guests. Just kidding:) 

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