Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What have you done, Mariah?

I received some pretty traumatic news today...I have to be at a work event to help out tomorrow by 6:30 a.m.!  This means I will have to leave by 6:00 am.  Currently, that's what time I wake up to get myself and my child ready for the day.  I'm still in shock!  I really hope I can get myself in gear in the morning.  I REALLY need my sleep these days, and I have a feeling, tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.  I have to admit, I'm less than thrilled.  I really should have gone to bed at 6 pm in order to be prepared, but obviously, it's too late for that.  :)

If that news wasn't traumatic enough, I also learned that Mariah Carey named one of her twin babies MONROE!  I am not happy about this one bit.  I don't like the idea of Mariah and I having the same taste in anything!    

I was a very, very, very bad girl at work today.  I went nuts with the sweets.  It was a coworker's birthday and my boss stopped at my favorite bakery and brought in all kinds of wonderfulness.  It was just too much for me, and I gave in.  Then, at lunch, the same coworker was STILL having his birthday and someone brought in Portillo's chocolate cake to celebrate.  It's a rule that you should never pass up Portillo's chocolate cake, but I tried.  I told the cake cutter, that I wasn't eating sweets and she went ahead and cut me a tiny little piece.  It set in front of me for a tiny bit, but I gave in again!  Then, (yes there's more) I was in Administration and a friend of mine convinced me to try a Fanny May chocolate.  It was small, and I only ate one, but today was a TOTAL failure.  I ran into my doctor and asked him when my gestational diabetes test is.  He told me it is anywhere between 25 and 29 weeks.  I explained to him about my freak out, and he said not to worry about it too much.  I'll do my best, but I've really got to shape up.

Heartburn has been rearing it's ugly head, once again.  It's really hard to deal with, but all in all, I really can't complain about the pregnancy.  I still throw up every few days, but it's really not bad.  I feel so terrible for those who can hardly get out of bed throughout their whole pregnancy.  I am very lucky and blessed.

When I thought we were having a boy, I had found a very cute picture that pretty much inspired my ideas for the nursery.  I had decided that instead of buying it, I would paint it myself.  I have done some painting and drawing for some other friends babies/kiddos' rooms, so I figured I could do the same for my own.  Well, when I learned there was a change of plans, I went back to the drawing board and headed back to the website I had originally found the painting I loved.  Well, lucky for me, they have some adorable ideas for girls' rooms that I think I could do some adjustments on to help go with the bedding we already have.  On Monday, I bought the canvas and I hope to get started soon.  The picture involves the baby's name, so I guess I need to nail that down first.  (I guess I could go with Moroccan, like Mariah did:)  I'll be sure to post pics of the process. I'm very excited!

Thanks for your comments about the flowers for the mobile.  I'm glad you like them, cause I do, too.  I guess they are staying.  I'm going to work on attaching everything tonight.  If I get it finished, I'll post a pic later.

Sorry I don't have many pictures for this post.  I sometimes take pictures of our dinner, but I was so hungry that I was halfway done before it even crossed my mind.  I didn't think it would be that great of a picture at that point, anyway.

Here are some pics of Rosie I took tonight for no reason.  Love you and goodnight.

This is Monroe eating crackers she found under the couch.  I don't know where or when they are from!  Nicole or Melissa, is that your snack thingy?  

This is just her being silly.  

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