Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've got nothing...

So, I'm having a very hard time coming up with much to blog about that would be of any interest to anyone, anywhere.  I apologize now if this bores the pants off of you.  

Work was, well, work.  It wasn't bad or anything, but just was.

I got home tonight, took off my shoes and realized there were deep ugly indentions on my feet from my shoes.  Those babies have started swelling!  I was on them a lot today and I worked late, so I'm figuring that was the problem.  My feet really never swelled with Monroe, so this is new to me.  I'll be sure to mention it to my doc.  I hope this isn't a regular thing!

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow and am excited to see how things are going.  I love OB appointments, at least the kind that don't require stirrups of any kind.  I'll let you know how that all goes.

So, I found out tonight that I'm somewhat of a local celebrity.  At the pizza party, a few of my volunteers let me know that they saw the commercial I am in on tv.  I was able to watch it the other day and I am completely and utterly embarrassed.  I am laughing through the whole thing!  My boss was saying some "off color" things, something for which she is well known and I couldn't help but laugh.  My question is, why would they choose that take?!  They took like a million takes, but they choose the one where I'm giggling.  Also, they shot from a very low angle and it is definitely NOT flattering at all.  There looks to be two of me.  Oh, well, what can you do?  Here is a link to the video.  The doctor that is talking is my OB.  You may have to have an FB account to view it.

Keeping you well video

This weekend we are going to start tackling a project that has been in the works for quite awhile.  We are finally going to attempt to finish it up.  Remember that old pink dresser we found on the side of the road last year...

Yeah, that one.  Well, we are almost done stripping the paint off of the cabinet and have started painting the drawers and cabinet doors with primer.  We had originally planned to have Monroe have this in her room, but we decided to have Monroe keep the dresser she has and the new girl will get this.  I'm still deciding on what color to paint it.  I found an inspiration picture that I really love with a fun color of blue, but I'm not completely convinced.  I'll post pics as we get farther.  I'd take pictures of where we are at now, but I'm too tired to go out to the garage.  

You wouldn't believe how hot it was today here!  It was literally in the 90's!  It hasn't been that hot since we moved here.  It came out of nowhere and I wasn't prepared.  I feel really bad because I sent Monroe to Shelley's in jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  As soon as she got home, I had to strip her down to a diaper because she was sweating so bad.  I guess it didn't even cross my mind that it could be that hot all of a sudden.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80's, so I'll be more prepared when I dress her in the morning.  

Here is a pic we took tonight on photo booth just being silly.  I'm not sure why.  

 Family Kiss

Oh, I do have some good news.  One of the lovely staff members that worked at Ozark Academy when I went, read my last blog post and emailed me.  Her and her husband have started cooking vegan and she has some recipes she would like to share with me!  I'm so excited, because she was a wonderful cook.  I can't wait!  Thanks, Dena!!!!  If anyone else has some good ones, let me know.  I am VERY much in need.

Well, I think I'm going to go put my feet up and hope they start to deflate.  Swollen feet really don't make a girl feel beautiful:).  

Good Night! 

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