Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 7- Anniversary!!!!

I thought I would start this little post with some pics we took today of our family...

About two minutes after this picture was taken, Monroe broke her glasses...oh well.  At least they were from the dollar spot at Target:) 

I woke up today to the smell of yumminess being cooked.  When I came out, I was greeted by, and I'm not exaggerating, the most amazing breakfast burrito I have ever had.  It was full of yummy veggies and potatoes and it was just perfect.  Breakfast burritos are my all time favorite food.  I really can't think of anything I like more and he definitely hit the nail on the head.  I threw in my contribution of fresh baked banana bread and our meal was perfect.

We spent the morning kind of lazy like, video chatting with both sets of our parents.  Monroe was super excited to see them all.  She has definitely started to become more of a showman these days.  She would dart around the room, showing off her running skills, twirl like a ballerina, or just sit and laugh.  All of which gained much attention and fanfare from her audience.  She doesn't let her fans down.

Later, we headed out to do some shopping.  Kenneth needed some new things before he leaves on his golf trip and wanted to tag along.  We had a great time.  I ended up finding two maternity dresses and a top.  I was so excited when I discovered that all of my items were half off!  They were already pretty cheap so that made it all the more doable. Mark, Kenneth and Monroe each found a little something, so we all walked away feeling very accomplished.  Kenneth treated us to an anniversary lunch from California Pizza Kitchen and it was so good.  I love that place.

On the way home, we dropped Monroe at the Meharry's and came home to get ready.  We are such oldies now, that we actually took a fifteen minute nap before we left (we set the alarm).  We were so exhausted.   I can't imagine that we would have done something like that on our first anniversary.  It's funny how the years catch up with us.  It happens without us even realizing.  I think I kind of like being old:)

We were still very full after our lunch so we decided to have a very light dinner.  We headed to downtown Elmhurst and let our stomachs do the walking.  We ended up at a little sushi place.  It was so good and the perfect amount of food.  I had totally forgotten what it was like to eat at a restaurant without a crazy child tagging along.  I have to admit, it was very refreshing. Our conversation was awesome and at one point we were both laughing so hard it was almost embarrassing.  I love that we still have those moments.  After dinner, we walked around for awhile and stopped at Starbucks for a Coconut Mocha Frap.  Then we headed to get Monroe.  It was a short night, but so worth it.  We have to do that more often!

7 Reason why I love Mark William Murrill

#7 He's the best friend a person could have- In my opinion, that's one of the best things about Mark.  Looking back over our seven years of marriage, I can't help but be overwhelmed by what an amazing person I've got.  I'm telling you, he's the best friend I have ever had.  He's such a good listener and gives the wisest advice.  He builds me up when I'm down.  He always makes me feel special and beautiful and he always has my back.  I love that he is the most loyal reader of my blog.  I can count on the fact that he will read it, even if no one else does.  He is always honest and helps me to be a better person.  I'm so very lucky and I can't wait to see what the next 70 years hold:)  Thank you, Mark for everything.  I love you!!!!!
7 years ago today, I married my best friend. 

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