Monday, May 23, 2011

Never Assume

This morning, I did some house cleaning.  I swept the living room/dining room and this is what I finished with.  Mind you, this is from ONE room.  

You probably saw this and thought two things: 1) Wow, Stephanie must NEVER sweep! and 2) They must have a big dog.  Well, never assume anything, because neither of those things are true.  I swept last on Friday, and we weren't even home at all on Saturday.  Also, there is no dog.  I want you to answer me one thing...where did all of that yucky come from?!!!  It's really only been two days.  Oh, well.

After Rosie's nap, we decided to take another stab at Hobby Lobby.  Being a girl who learns from my mistakes, I made sure to feed her well.  She did great and I was able to get the paper for the top of the table and paint for another project.  Here's the paper...

I love this color green.  Don't you think it will look so cute on a white table?! 

We also ran to the mall to get a few things.  You will never guess who I parked by and didn't even know it...Melissa and the boys.  I came out of the mall and there they were, in their van getting ready to leave!  Monroe was so excited to see them.  We had a great time chatting.  What a fun coincidence!  

So, look what I got while I was at the mall?!!!!

A body brush!  Let the new skin regime begin!  

I'm pretty excited to get started with this new skin thing.  I really hope it helps.  I will let you know if I see improvement.  When I got home I started to try it out on my arm.  Monroe was looking at me very intensely and then quickly ran to her room.  She came back a few seconds later carrying this:

Her brush!  She started brushing her arm, too.  Later she found an additional brush and wash brushing herself with both hands.  She totally one-upped me.  

I didn't end up doing anything on the table or chairs today, but I did get all of the supplies. I guess that's a step in the right direction.  I also didn't finish the project I was working on last night.  I'll show you a picture when I get it done.  It's not turning out as amazing as I had hoped.  That's how it goes sometimes.

I've been craving some interesting things lately and apparently Monroe is on the same wavelength.  All of the things I've been making she has been eating most of.  Yesterday and today, I sauteed fresh spinach in olive oil and garlic with a tiny bit of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.  It was yummy, but I literally only got a few bites.  Monroe devoured it!  She started crying when it was gone, so I had to make her more.  She's almost gone through a whole bag of spinach!  I'm glad she likes it, but I really, really wanted some.  

Another strange food that I have been craving is mushrooms.  My mom used to make this spaghetti dish with an amazing sauce.  She would saute fresh mushrooms and put them on top with shredded cheese melted on top.  It was so good and I couldn't stop thinking about it today.  I didn't have any spaghetti, but I did have fresh mushrooms.  I sauteed them with garlic and melted just a tiny bit of cheddar cheese on top and put it over rice.  It was really good, but Monroe took a liking to it as well, and ate most of it. I think she must be going through a growth spurt.  I can't keep her full!

So someone told me the other day that I never put pictures of myself up, so I took one today.  

Here I am today at 25 weeks!  That's one big baby!!!       
This is me at 26 weeks with Monroe.  Is it just me, or am I bigger now?!  

I've got work tomorrow.  I have to do Orientation, so that means a longer work day, but that's okay.  Hopefully it will be a great day (positive thinking).  

I hope everyone has a wonderful night and day tomorrow.  I just keep thinking about all of the people in Joplin and other areas where the storm caused such intense devastation.  It's just heartbreaking.  It sure makes my problems seem pretty small.  Please keep them in your prayers!  Love you! 


Angie S said...

i love the baby belly picture! you are so beautiful! :) i thought i was bigger with my second too but marissa was only a few ounces bigger than connor... but i did feel that i was in better shape with marissa because i was way more active (chasing connor!).

i'm excited to see how your table project turns out! definately post some pics after you finish it.

nicole said...

Look at you! That blue top is gorgeous and so are you. That little lady is only making you lovelier, my friend. Hope orientation went well. Let's talk soon!