Thursday, January 5, 2012

Date Night

Our internet is out and they can't come fix it until Sunday.  Why is it that I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of being without for that long?  It's kind of ridiculous how dependent on it I am.  There were numerous times today that I needed twenty.  I told Mark to tell the people that he couldn't wait that long because his wife is a blogger and it's imperative that she have didn't work. :) 

Today was a good day.  I ran and got a few baskets for our coffee table.  Our others were damaged in the move.  I think I like them...(see picture at the bottom of this post...I can't figure out how to move it on my phone)

I also found the cutest shoes for Rosie.  They look strikingly similar to Toms, but are not.  You may remember that I was going to get her some, but these were just so affordable that I couldn't pass them up.  Do I feel bad that a pair of shoes were not donated to a child in a third world country? Yes, but my frugal tendency beat out my philanthropic one this time.  I'll show you a pic tomorrow.

Tonight Maria came over and watched the girls so we could go on a date.  What a treat!  We went to eat Indian food and got some frozen yogurt. We also ran to the Sprint store so I could get a cover for my phone.  It was just lovely to be one on one.  Sometimes I miss that.

Well, I better head to bed.  Good night!

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