Monday, January 23, 2012

If I tell you, I have to kill you...

So my sickness only got worse in the night.  I really felt horrible, and although this morning I felt a bit better, I've pretty much remained sedentary all day.  Well, as sedentary as one can be with two children.  I started feeling a lot better this afternoon, but tonight it's back with a vengeance.  Hopefully this illness is on it's way out of town.  I do think that Kiki might have a little bit of it herself, so that's no good.

Tonight I made some of my Dad's famous Tomato Florentine Soup.  It's been raining ALL day, so it just seemed like the right fit.  I wish I could share the recipe with you, but it's one of those things that if I told you, I would have to kill you.  I don't want to have to do that, but believe you me, it is some very amazing soup.  We are actually having a little International food night.  I need to get rid of a few things so we are having Asian Crunchy Salad and Guacamole and Chips.  Yes, a strange combination of foods.  

 Asian Crunchy Salad
 Guacamole made with my handy new avocado tool from Melissa.  
Creamy Tomato Florentine Soup...So good! 

Mark has some meetings in Raleigh tomorrow and Wednesday that require him to be there overnight.  It's about 4 1/2 hours away.  I was so bummed for him to go because I just hate sleeping in our bed by myself.  On Friday, he texted and asked me if the girls and I wanted to go along!  Of course we would!!!  I've never been to Raleigh and I'm excited to get away.  Mark just let me know that they also have our favorite restaurant, Tijuana Flats!!!  Now I'm even more excited.

I don't know exactly what Raleigh has to offer.  Hopefully, I will be able to find us some fun things to do close to the hotel.  Our membership to the Health Adventure allows us to get into museums across the US for free and there is a participating children's museum in Raleigh, so there's a good chance we will check that out.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but almonds are kind of a big deal around our house.  We just love them.  Both of our parents love them, too, so we have both grown up eating them a lot.  My parents always ate them raw, but Mark's parents roasted them, and I have to say that roasting an almond sets it on a whole new playing field.  They are SOOO good to snack on.  If you haven't roasted almonds before you really should.  It's so easy.  Just set your oven to 175 degrees,  put your almonds on a cookie sheet, and leave overnight.  We store ours in mason jars for freshness.   If you are really looking for a treat, add some dark chocolate chips and some dried cherries.  I have to thank Mom Murrill for that little concoction.  Beware, it's pretty addicting!

 The Finished Product...Easy/Healthy Snack 

Michelle just posted that it's National Pie Day/Week.  I'm really thinking I need some pie.  It's not going to happen tonight, but I probably need to track some down soon.  Very soon.  I really like pie and much prefer pie to cake.  I'm trying to think of what my favorite kind of pie is, and I really don't know.  They all seem good.  My mom's apple pie is amazing.  I also love a good banana cream pie or maybe a french silk.  Razzleberry pie is pretty near perfect.  Have you ever had gooseberry pie?  It's got the best of both worlds--tart and sweet.  So many pies, so little time.  What's your favorite?

Well, I better rest up.  We have a long day of traveling tomorrow and I need to get well enough to eat pie.  I'll try to take lots of pictures of Raleigh to share, but don't hold your breath:)


MAA California Dreamin' senior trip 2011 said...

So thats why all Tippins pies were $! per slice today. And I just finished making up a batch of the almond mix you mentioned! Have a fun time in Raleigh.

Hanne Noel said...

want asian crunchy salad recipe! :) safe trip kids!