Friday, January 6, 2012

One of those days

For some reason I feel like I can't do anything right today.  Do you ever have those kind of days?  I just feel really blah and worthless.

I feel like a terrible mom...Rosie was driving me nuts all day.  A terrible friend...just because.  A terrible wife...I found myself taking out my frustration on poor Mark.

I guess we all have bad days sometimes.  I just have to concentrate on how exponentially blessed I am.  I have two wonderful baby girls, an absolutely amazing hubby and some of the best friends a girl could have.  When I think about those things it's hard not to be happy.

I did have a wonderful chat with a very close friend that I hadn't talked to in forever.  That was pretty great.  If you know me you know how completely horrible I am on the phone.  I get anxiety before answering or making calls.  Texting was a real answer to prayer for me, no joke.  Its really rare when I find someone that I can talk to on the phone and just be myself and not feel awkward or uneasy.  This friend is one of those people.

Tonight, I made meatballs and Mark made potato casserole for lunch tomorrow.  We are having the Nudds and the Guytons over. I am pretty beat this evening.  We went to the Health Adventure with Maria, Jackie and Heather.  It was great, but it really took a lot out of me. I'm definitely getting old.  I better get to sleep. Goodnight!

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Angie S said...

Aw Steph I'm so sorry you were having a rough day! but you are not alone! i definitely have those days too! and then little things like burning dinner in the oven, adding the wrong ingredient to your recipe, or spilling food on your nice shirt (can you tell this happened recently?? i may still be a little bitter...) can make me get down on myself and then blow up at my husband and kids! oy. those are not good days! i too am thankful for forgiving friends and family and how they all still love me despite my lows. thankful that jesus can so mercifully pick me up and dust me off so that, thru Him, i can get back on my feet and keep on keeping on. so thankful you had a good friend to talk to! hope this week goes better for you! praying for you my friend!