Saturday, January 21, 2012

Smoothie Queen?

Smoothies were going to be my new thing.  I happened upon a blog the other day and the girl had posted tons of healthy, amazing looking smoothies and I thought, "I can do that!"  So, I went out and got all of the necessary items to make it happen.  I bought LOTS of frozen and fresh fruit...I mean lots.  

This morning was my trial run and I was so excited about the new healthy smoothie-eating me.  I was also excited to share my smoothies with Mark and Rosie.  I plugged in my blender and revved that baby up.  A few seconds in and I realized something was wrong, very wrong.  It started making strange grinding noises and I could tell that after a bit, the blades were no longer turning.  I lifted the top part off of the base and found a big pile of black plastic shavings.   I can't be for sure what happened, but the little nubs that make the blender go must have just given up and shaved off.  So my blender is a goner, never to blend again.  What a bummer!  I'm so sad.  

I have always had my eye on a Vitamix.  I knew they were pricey, but oh my soul, I had no idea.  Those babies are CRAZY expensive.  I would have a hard time spending $500 on a blender!  I like smoothies, but I'm not sure I like them that much.  So what kind of blender would you recommend?  I need some help!  

Today was kind of nerve-wracking for me.  I had to help lead the praise singing at church.  I know it doesn't sound that overwhelming, but I haven't done it in so long.  I used to be the music coordinator at our church in Tulsa and that was my least favorite position of ALL TIME!  It stressed me out beyond belief.  Even though I ended up singing what seemed like every week in Tulsa, I still got nervous every single time and it was no different today.  It ended up going just fine, but I'm so glad it's over.  I think I was extra nervous today because I wasn't sure how Kiki was going to do for Mark.  She usually eats about the time of song service, but she did so well.  She didn't make a peep.

After church we went over to Jackie and Alan's for lunch.  We had a Mexican theme and it was so good. You really can't beat good Mexican, especially when enchiladas are involved.  Jackie can make a mean enchilada.  She actually made two different kinds!  For dessert, Maria made one of my all time favorite desserts,  Chocolate Layer.  I love that stuff. 

The highlight of the day was the special drink that Jackie made.  It's actually a pretty funny story.  We were all getting food and Maria and I ended up in the dining room before anyone else.  We weren't exactly sure where to sit but went ahead and found some spots.  Jackie had made a very fancy drink that looked incredible.  I couldn't wait to try it.  She had made special ice cubes out of different juices and then poured ginger ale over them.  I saw Maria take a drink and she said how good it was.  I grabbed my glass and took a larger than normal swig and I tell you, it was like I had been hit in the face.  It was horrible.  My mouth and throat burned and I couldn't stop coughing.  Maria saw my face and asked me if I didn't like it.  I asked her if her drink was really strong, but she seemed confused.  I also asked if hers tasted like balsamic vinegar.  Again, confusion, so I asked her to try mine.  I didn't want to seem rude or hurt anyone's feelings, so I tried to do it covertly.  That's when everyone came in laughing.  Apparently, I had unknowingly walked into a prank.  It was supposed to be for Mark, but I sat in the wrong seat.  Just my luck:)  I had, in fact, taken a big drink of cider vinegar...mmmmm.  I laughed so hard I cried.  Those Guytons really know how to make a guest feel like part of the family:).  

I'm not feeling so hot tonight.  I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat.  I hoped it would get better, but sadly, throughout the day it only got worse.  After we got home this afternoon, I took a nap.  I also have been drinking lots of water.  Mark went to get me some Emergent C too, so hopefully I can nip this in the bud before it gets too bad.

In other news, Kiki has now joined the solid food world.  I started Rosie a few weeks before she turned six months and I thought I would do the same with Kiki, especially since the doctor gave her the okay. (By the way,  SIX MONTHS!!!!!  How can my baby be almost six months already?!!!!)  We started yesterday and she's taken to it like white on rice.  Not only does she like it, she seems to be sleeping better, too.  I only had to get up once last night, which is quite an improvement.  We are going to take the solids pretty slow, though.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I want to start making her food.  I always wanted to with Rosie, but it was pretty hard to think about while working.  I really need to get a cookbook for it, and yes, I will need a blender.  Those of you that have made your own baby food, do you have any suggestions?  

Well, I better get to bed.  Hope you all had a wonderful day.  Goodnight! 


Kate said...

We got a refurbished Vitamix. Love it and it's a little cheaper. I can't remember how much it was, but you can do oh so much with it! Our other blender is a bosch, pretty descent, but just not the same power.

Sara said...

I made my own baby food. Super easy, no cookbook needed. Whatever fruit or veggie you want just steam it, bake it, etc. and blend it up. With some things I used a little water or breast milk to thin it out. Scoop into freezer trays. Then when frozen store in freezer bags. If I can do it anyone can! Let me know if you have questions!

nicole said...

I used a book called "So Easy Baby Food" (Second Edition) written by Joan Ahlers and Cheryl Tallman. It was amazing. I loved that it was divided into age categories and each recipe comes with suggestions for spices and combinations as your child grows. I highly recommend it. They suggest the covered freezer trays and so do I. I got mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Love the new pictures!

Kate said...

oh and for the baby don't necessarily need a Vitamix, although, if you want to use it for more things, it's awesome. We sometimes just used a hand blender thing, $20 at target. Steam/cook, blend, freeze and I also used ice cube trays, very handy! I just did simple fruits and veggies, nothing to fancy.