Wednesday, January 4, 2012

French Toast Anyone?

I had the best cookie of my life today.  I have a thing for sugar cookies with icing...a big thing and Maria hit it out of the park today with her amazing recipe.  I feel very content knowing that my dream cookie has been realized.  

Our play date today was great.  Jackie and Maria are very fun ladies and the kids enjoy each other so much.  We didn't get home until after 2 and for some reason, I was EXHAUSTED.  I ended up taking a little nap and I'm telling you, it really hit the spot.  Naps are so, so good. 

The only bad about taking a late afternoon nap was I had the hardest time making myself go to Zumba.  It didn't help that when I walked in the room the class was packed.  I mean there was absolutely no room to move.  For some reason there was a group of high school exchange students there from Japan and this meant that I had to be at the very front of the room, right next to the instructor.  When Maria walked in and saw everyone she turned right around and left!  I almost ran after her and asked her to go get coffee:), but I toughed it out and I have to say, I'm glad.  It felt good to work out, although a salted caramel hot chocolate sounds sooooo good right now.

I have some pretty exciting news.  Look what I found at the grocery store last night...

Coconut Creme Creamer!!!  I haven't been able to find this in like two years.  Some stores just don't carry it.  I used to special order it when we lived in Florida.  What a treat to find it at my local Walmart.  I can't wait to use it in the morning!  If you haven't tried it, you really should...if you can find it.

Look what I got today...

Yes, a new phone!!!  Well, new to me.  It was Mark's phone for a few weeks, but he ended up switching to Verizon and got himself an iphone.  I am still a part of the Sprint family and couldn't have been happier to take his HTC Evo 3d.  You may remember the saga that has been my phone.  It has given me fits from the start, so there is no love lost between us.  Sayonara, HTC Hero.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.   

I got a Sam's Club membership last night.  I was so sad to learn they don't have Costo here, but I decided to go ahead and give Sam's a try.  I was a little let down, but I have to say, their produce is very good.  The produce makes it totally worth it.  I have realized though that I am horrible at bulk shopping.  I get so overwhelmed.  Am I the only one who has a hard time?  I can't figure out if I need 10 of something and then I wonder if I'm getting a good deal or not.  

I thought I had made a huge mistake (and so did Mark) when I came home with these...

We realized tonight that we were wrong.  Yes, they are gigantic and there are six of them, but they are so good.  It makes some of the best toast I've ever had.  We will be eating a lot of bread over the next few  days.  In fact, I'm trying to think of recipes that require bread as we speak.  If you have any to share, let me know.

I just realized that this post involves a lot of food for some reason.  I guess that's where my brain's at.  Well, I'll leave you on a final food note.  I really need some tabouli right now.  I have tried several different places and I can't seem to find any.  So, drastic times call for drastic measures and I've decided to try and make it myself.  I've emailed a friend of mine for the recipe and I'll let you know how it turns out.  

Love to you all!  Good eating.  

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