Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dancing Queens

Guess who got brave and went to Zumba tonight?!!!  Yes, ME!  I finally pumped myself up and I brought a friend who was just as nervous as I was.  Luckily, Maria agreed to join me and that gave me just enough confidence to go.  Jackie is going to try and join us next week.  

When I walked in the room, I was relieved to see that we were the youngest of the bunch and surprisingly there were no young hip dancers, but rather a group of middle age to older women.  The teacher was very good and really kept the room energized.  Did I get all of the moves right away?  No.  Did I look like a complete imbecile?  Yes.  Did I have an amazing time?  Yes, yes, yes!!!  I loved it and can't wait until Monday.  Some of the ladies told us that we did really well for our first time as we were leaving.  That felt pretty good:) It doesn't matter that those compliments came from 80-year-olds.  I will definitely be working on my sultry shimmy and hip shake before I go back.

In other news, Monroe said"her phrase" three times today which ultimately resulted in "cold water" by her daddy.  If you are wondering what cold water is, then let me tell you.  It was the punishment of choice by my mom when I was little and now has become our BIG punishment now that I am a parent.  When a child is throwing a fit or has done something really terrible, they are put in a cold shower, clothes and all.  It sounds pretty extreme, but it really wakes a kid up and sticks with you.  We've only had to do it once before and it really made an impact, so I hope it does this time as well.  I have a lot of friends and family who have also used the method and they swear by it.  My mom was originally told about it by a chaplain she was working for at Shawnee Mission Medical Center many, many years ago.  I would still recommend it today.  It beats spanking any day.

Here are a few pics of the little potty mouth I took yesterday...

Look what I'll be doing tonight and every night after for the next few years...

This is Monroe's butterfly mobile.  The movers took NO care when packing it and I found it in a box in a tangled mess.  I have been working on it all day and I only have those three in the front completely done.  Yeah, I'll be doing this awhile.  

So anyway, I'm really exhausted from my hard core "moves" I did tonight.  Have a good one!

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