Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our little sponge

As we were eating lunch today, Monroe accidentally dropped her fork and completely floored us when she stated very confidently, "Oh, my God!"  Some of what Monroe says is hard to interpret, but not this.  It was as plain and clear as can be.

Mark and I couldn't believe our ears.  We both don't say that and she's never around anyone else that does.  Then I was taken back to a few days before when "A Baby Story" was on TV when I was feeding Kiki.  Rosie was playing and didn't seem to be paying attention to the television at all.  The woman on the program started going into labor and screamed that out about five times.  I quickly found the remote and changed the channel, but the damage was done.  Monroe didn't repeat it or anything, but I could tell she heard it and was processing it.  It was almost as if she was storing it in her brain to be used at a later date.  And that's what she did.

We were both so in shock that we didn't probably react how we would have liked.  Instead, hiding our laughter we told her that was a big "No-No"!   I think she could tell that she shocked us because a bit later she said it again and looked at us mischievously and smiled.  This time we were a lot more firm and I think she got the picture.  Ugh!  How do you shield these little sponges from hearing and seeing things that you don't want them to?  You really have to be so diligent.

This afternoon we all ended up taking a nap.  Rosie woke up crying really hard and we brought her into our bed with us.  I didn't think it would last long, but two hours later, she's still sleeping away.  I couldn't really sleep after she joined me, as it was like sleeping with a snoring heater that hogs the covers and the bed.  I finally was sweating so bad and decided to attempt to untangle her legs and arms from around me.  As I started to get up, I saw her eyes looking right at me and I knew I was caught.  I smiled at her, but her expression didn't change.  I then realized that she was sleeping with her eyes open!!!  It was so freaky.

In other news, remember my lovely friend Nicole?

Well, her family had some exciting news this week...they are having a baby GIRL!!!  I'm so excited for them.  This will round out the family with one of each.  Yay!  I can't wait to meet her. 

Also, our  besties, the Baughmans learned a few weeks ago that they are having a little girl, as well.  This will make two girls and one boy for their little family.  We can't wait to add another member to the Murman (Murrill + Baughman = Murman) Clan.

A bit later...

After Rosie woke up from her nap, we bundled up and went for a little walk.  Then we came back home to make dinner.  We were in the middle of making tacos when I offered Mark sour cream.  Monroe thought I said ice cream and started begging for some.  I explained that it wasn't ice cream but rather sour cream.  She wouldn't hear of it and begged and whined for some.

Mark and I got the bright idea to use some high level parenting skills (yeah, right) and told her it was sour cream but she was welcome to try it.  We warned her that it wouldn't taste like ice cream and I handed her a big heaping spoonful.  We then waited for her to try it.  She hesitated for quite a while and we thought that maybe, just maybe she had listened to our warnings.  Then I looked over and the spoon was empty and she was smiling very big.  She proudly said, "I LIKE it, Mommy!  I like it!"  Foiled again.


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nicole said...

Wow...I feel honored (and a little bit famous;)) to be featured on this prestigious blog! You are too sweet friend. It was good to hear your voice today. I hope we can catch up soon. Love you.