Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movie Night!

I was sitting here at the Nudd's watching a movie and I realized that I had to blog tonight!  I couldn't screw up my National Blog Month Challenge this early.  So, here I am.  I promise to keep it short.

Today was a great day.  Mark took Rosie to Sabbath School and Mckinley and I joined them for church.  I still haven't quite mastered the ability to get the two girls and myself ready for Sabbath School, as well as breast feed McKinley.  If you have any great advice on how to get it all done, please let me know.

The Nudd's came over for lunch.  I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company.  We then headed to Triple Falls.  Here are a few pics from the day...

 Brandon and Bryn
 My little hobo
 The Whole Gang
 The Nudd's
 Just Us
 Our little Hiker
Giving us a smile:) 

On the way home, we stopped at another little hotdog shop that also has veggie hotdogs called Hot Dog World.   We got our food to go and also swung by Kilwins for a caramel and dark chocolate covered apple.  Yes, it's as good as it sounds.  And no, Saturdays don't count on my diet.   We went by our house and got jammies and headed to the Nudd's for a movie night.  So, that pretty much sums up my day.  Hope you all had a good one!

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