Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Pizza Goes Wrong

Look what came in the mail yesterday for Rosie and Keeks...

Isn't it the cutest thing?!   Auntie Kaylee and Uncle Brandon (or Uncle Kaylee and Aunt Brandon as Mark accidently said tonight) sent it to the girls just because and let me tell you, they LOVE it!  Rosie has played with it since it came.  We had fun talking about Thanksgiving and the pilgrims and the Indians.  Love it!  Thank you for taking such good care of us K & B!

Today was a pretty normal day.  I had to go to the hospital to get a health assessment for our insurance.  I always enjoy being weighed and measured in big groups of people.  These are a few of my favorite things.

The girls came along and we had a fun time seeing daddy in his element.  Mark loves to show the girls off and that makes me happy.  We got to eat a late breakfast with him as well.

I ran a few errands and then spent the afternoon figuring out some of our hospital bills and the such. When Mark got home we made homemade pizzas.  We decided to get crazy and tried making one of the pizzas with a sauce made with tofu.  Yeah, it didn't turn out too well.  Not our best work.  In fact, it was really awful.  We won't be doing that again.  

Here is a picture of our bedroom after we hung our picture...

I still haven't been able to find any yellow accents.  So for now the room is still just grey/silver and white.  I really love it, though.  It is so calming and I love being in there.  I've never felt like that about my bedroom before.  I've heard of people calling their room a "sanctuary" and I really didn't get it until now.  I'm glad you can't see our bedroom furniture too well.  I bought it before we got married and the years have been pretty hard on her.  Pretty hard indeed.

I'm really looking forward to Friday for a variety of reasons.  First of all, it's Friday for goodness sake.  Who doesn't look forward to it?!

We are also test driving a minivan tomorrow!  It is really tough fitting all of us into our car.  The idea of having more room sounds incredible.  We really need it before we make the long arduous drive to Oklahoma and Kansas in December.  Am I ready to take the plunge into complete adulthood?  I realize that once you go minivan, there is no turning back.  I think I'm ready.  I really do.

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