Monday, November 7, 2011

A Painter is Born

I had no idea how my kiddos would take to the time change.  Well, I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised!  Kiki went down at ten last night and didn't wake up until six this morning!  What a blessing!  Monroe woke up soon after, but that didn't even bother me, because I had such a great night's sleep.  Yay for sleep!

The extra rest gave me the energy to get quite a bit done today.  I finished up lots of laundry, cleaned the house, gave the girls baths, worked out, and made dinner.   It was a good day.  

One thing that I loved about my childhood, is that my parents were always very supportive of my artistic side.  They always provided me with art materials, encouraged me, let me go to art classes, etc.  I will forever be grateful, because I feel that is a really important part of who I am today.  I really want to do the same for my girls.  When I was at the store the other day, I found some little things that Monroe could paint and thought it would be a fun activity.  We decided to paint the birdhouse today and she had the best time.  I can't wait to start doing crafts with her more often.  I guess it's never too early to start!  
Very excited to start painting...yes, she's wearing a trash bag.

Very serious painter!

The finished product!

Very proud of her bird house!

I have to mention that I officially saw the worst movie ever this last weekend.  Remember how I said that we went to the Nudd's to watch a movie?  Well, yeah, it was HORRIBLE and we have Brandon to thank.  He had gotten the movie from Netflix and convinced us that it would be good.  Not so much.  If you are looking for the weirdest, most predictable, stupid, gross movie ever, by all means, watch Hannah.  Otherwise, please stay away! 

In some sad news, we realized that the movers lost something of ours!  I'm so upset because it is truly one of my favorite items...

It's that thing over the bed.  We got it a few years back at Pottery Barn and I haven't seen anything quite like it since.  I'm praying that they end up finding it.  Ugh!  The joys of moving:)

Tomorrow I am taking Keeks to the doctor.  I'm excited to meet the new Doc and also see how much Kiki has grown.  Can't wait.

Well, I better go.  Sorry this was such a random post.  Have a great night! 

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