Sunday, November 13, 2011

De-cluttering Our Lives?

It has been a full day.  You wouldn't think we would have a lot left to do on the house, but we still have quite a few boxes in the garage and there are a few closets that need to be organized.  One room that we weren't very pleased with was our bonus room.  We had put this big black hutch in there, because I desperately needed storage for my crafts.

I hated it being in there because it was not only hard to find my stuff, but it blocked a lot of the windows in the room.  I finally decided it was just too big and Mark and I moved it out today.  I ended up putting all of my crafting stuff in a closet we have under the stairs.  I think it's going to work our pretty well.  We moved a love seat we had in the garage in it's place.  Much better.

I'm going to try and sell that huge piece of furniture on craigslist.  I'm also working on selling the desk we fixed up last year.  It will be so nice to get rid of some excess that is really just taking up space.

Now onto something completely opposite of de-cluttering.  I really need to stay far away from Pier 1, because I always end up finding things I love.  Today was no different.  We came home with this:

I just really love it.  It really is perfect in the space and provides us with much needed extra storage.

We were also looking for something to replace the thing that went above our bed but got lost in the move.  We found two pieces that we loved, but couldn't decide which one we liked better, so we got them both.  We thought it would be easier to choose if we could see them in the space.  

Option #1

Option #2

We have ultimately decided to go with option #1.  I really love it.  I'll have to take pictures after we have it all hung.

Well, I better get off here.  I hope you all had productive weekends.  See you tomorrow.

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