Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lunch Surprise

This morning I got up and decided to get some more Christmas shopping done.  I actually accomplished quite a bit and knocked five people off of the list!  I still have seven more people to go, but at least I am making progress.

When I got home Mark called and said he was going to come home for lunch.  I always love for him to come home, although it doesn't get to happen too often.  We had just gotten off the phone and I was trying to figure out what I would make him, when the door opened and Mark and another man walked in the front door.  I was surprised that he was there that quickly, but more surprised that there was another guy tagging along.  Then I realized who that other man was...it was the guy we test drove the van with!

He was there to have me sign some papers because Mark BOUGHT US THE VAN!!!  I'm so excited.  Actually, I'm in total shock.  What's even more shocking is that he traded in his baby, the Avalon!  Wowza!  I guess pigs do fly:)

So anyway, I'm sitting here, still in disbelief that I am now the proud owner of a minivan!  I never would have dreamed in a million years that I would be so elated about a van, but I sure am.  It's perfect for kids and traveling and it's really just a big relief!  We were crammed so tight in the CX7 when we went on trips.  This is the best birthday gift EVER!!!

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