Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall off the wagon? No way!

So, I came so close to not posting today.  We had a full day and I didn't walk in the door until about an hour ago.  But, I couldn't not post after coming so far!  I had to push through.  Although this will probably be very short and could possibly make little to no sense.

My mind is pretty numb, so I can't really think of much to write about.  Monroe had a hard time this afternoon and tonight, but it was completely my fault.  She didn't have a nap and boy did it show.  Poor little thing was exhausted.  We did have a breakthrough today! She went the whole day without using her phrase of choice.  Remember the one I mentioned this weekend.  Well, she's been throwing it around quite a bit lately.  I just don't get it.  We are trying not to freak out about it so she doesn't keep using it as a shock factor, but I also have let her know how serious it is.

A lot of my friends have said that it's a short little phase.  I sure hope.  It's very stressful to not know what going to come out of her mouth next.  I really can't complain though.  Even on her worst days, she is still a wonderful little person.  She's so thoughtful and she's so sweet to her little sis.  I am very blessed.

I did have something kind of weird happen this morning.  Remember I mentioned that I was putting some things on Craigslist?  Well, I got an email last night about my hutch asking if it was still available.  I emailed back letting them know that it was and I got this email in return...

I'm glad it's still for sale. I'm going on a vacation to London but I
will instruct my assistant to prepare and mail you your payment which
I'm sure you will get it in about 4-6 business days. I'll add $20
extra for the delay. Money Order is the means I can pay you with. If
this is acceptable by you, Send me your info i.e full name, mailing
address and your phone number so payment can be mail out immediately.I
will also make arrangement for pick-up which will be after you must
have received and cashed the Money Order.

Awaiting your info

I could tell right away that something wasn't right with this.  I mean who is getting ready to go on vacation to London, but just has to look on craigslist for furniture before he goes?  Also, if you have your own assistant, than you can probably afford to buy a new piece of furniture.  He also never asked the dimensions of the hutch and as I have mentioned before it's GIGANTIC.  

So anyway, I plugged his email into google and the exact email, word for word, came up on a scam warning website.  I figured, but it was good to know for sure.  I was so angry at this dude.  It's hard to swallow that people actually make their living ripping other trusting people off.  It just gets my blood boiling.   I ended up sending this email back:

Oh, so sorry "Scott Davey", but I only accept legitimate offers.  Thanks for trying to scam me, though!  Have a great day conning people.   

I had written more, but my husband advised me against it.  Thank goodness I have a level headed man in my life.  I would be lost without him.

So, I tell you this, just so you will be careful.  I truly think that most people in the world are good people, but there are some sketchy ones out there and you really can't be too careful.  

Well, I'm headed to bed.  Love you all and remember, be careful out there:)

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