Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rosie's "Tookey"

Rosie really enjoyed making her "Tookey" today.  She had fun painting, cutting and glueing!  She's been carrying around her handiwork all afternoon.  It's now displayed proudly on the refrigerator.  Her first of many more masterpieces, hopefully, but no pressure:).

Painting the turkey's body
All done! 

Poor little Keeks had a rough afternoon.  She woke up from her nap and cried pretty hard for about an hour.  She's never like that, so I got pretty concerned.  I called the doctor's office back and they said it was probably just a sore little leg from the shots.  They don't want me to give her Tylenol unless I absolutely have to.  She's calmed down a lot and hopefully the pain is lessening.   It broke my heart to hear her.

She seems to be doing better:)

I just can't believe that my girlie Andrea just became a mommy and I can't be there to help her!  It makes me pretty sad.  She sent me this picture of Avie today and I just want to kiss all over her!!!

Look at those lips!!!  Isn't she darling?!

So many of my friends are either pregnant or just have had babies.  I'm so excited to get to hold and meet each of these little cuties!  I hate living away from friends.  I'm so thankful for blogs and facebook, so I don't feel completely out of the loop.  

In other news, I am completely ecstatic to get to see our other Murrill's over Thanksgiving!!!  Mike, Melissa, Mason and Max are making the trek to see us here in NC.  How fun is that?!  I've never been in charge of Thanksgiving dinner before, though, so that's a little nerve racking.  At least Melissa is a phenomenal cook, so we can tag team it.  I need to start meal planning now, so I'll be prepared.

I'm definitely going to make Jello Pretzel Salad.  It's so yummy.  I still haven't figured out why it is called a salad.  That seems pretty nuts to me.  It's more of a dessert.  I can't get enough of the mix of sweet and salty.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! 

Source: Pinterest  The Girl Who Ate Everything

Do you have any exciting/incredible recipes that you are making for Thanksgiving? Would love to have you share!  

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